Clinic Info

If you have interest in attending a clinic with Shawna, please read the following…

You can participate in clinics with your horse, potentially borrow a horse to use from the farm hosting (ask your host) or just come and audit. The clinics are two days long and run from 9am-4pm. Shawna will start the first day with talking about the science and theory of positive reinforcement and how we will apply this to our horses.

After lunch on day one, Shawna will hear about each participant’s horse and what they’d like to work on. At this point, each horse will do a session which will take us to the conclusion of day one. Day two will be more sessions with Shawna answering many questions from the auditors and participants both. Topics will be a wide array of things and will be dictated by what the participants would like help with  Auditors also will be able to ask questions about their own horses and situations.   

If your horse is already familiar with the training, we can work on under saddle things if you like or we can focus on whatever trouble spot you’d like to have help with. From spookiness to helping a horse with better form over fences, positive reinforcement can help your horse sort through it by teaching him to problem solve in a systematic way.

It is an extremely fun and engaging time interacting with Shawna and the horses! Many (if not all) come away from the clinics stating that it was life-changing event for them. We want you to have the chance to experience this too. If you think you’re interested but not quite sure, email Jessie at We can speak on the phone, email, or text to help you with the details you might have questions about.  

You will want to contact the host listed on our clinic and events schedule which is found on another tab on this website. We hope to see you there!