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Ask Shawna: Should I Always Click with a Treat?

A horse owners asks about how to decide when, and how frequently, to give treats during positive reinforcement training.

Ask Shawna: My Horse Gets Overly Excited Learning New Things

In this question, a horse owner describes a problem where her 5-yr-old Thoroughbred gelding gets so excited when learning new things that he is difficult to manage.

Here’s Shawna’s video response:

Ask Shawna: Schooling Pony that Follows the Other Horses

A rider asks whether positive reinforcement could help a pony that follows the other horses in the lesson rather than paying attention to the rider’s commands. View Shawna’s answer here:

Ask Shawna: My Horse Wants to Put Everything in His Mouth

In this video answer, Shawna offers some help to an owner that can’t stop her horse from trying to bite and put everything into his mouth.

Ask Shawna: My Horse Refuses to Move Forward

Shawna offers suggestions for a horse that is fine doing groundwork, but sometimes refuses to go forward when under saddle.

Ask Shawna: How to deal with a horse that is overeager to receive a reward

In this video answer, Shawna offers several suggestions on how to work with horses that are too eager to receive reward reinforcement.

Ask Shawna: Problems with Trailer Loading

A horse owner has questions about her horse’s behavior in and around the trailer, including rearing and refusing to load. Shawna also has a follow-up answer below this video.

Ask Shawna: Follow up discussion about trailer loading

In a follow up to the earlier question, Shawna discusses additional ideas about working with a horse that has issues loading up to go back home:

Ask Shawna: Fear, Balance and Weight Issues

In this video, Shawna answers a rider’s question about a sudden fear of riding, as well as working on balance and weight issues.


In this video, Shawna shows how positive reinforcement training can help with mounting, whether your horse is green or has issues with mounting.