Thank You for Your Purchase

Thank you for your recent purchase of our video series, “DeSpooking Your Horse: Building Boldness and Confidence”.

This six DVD series will take you on a journey to a trustworthy horse. Your horse will learn to be calm and relaxed even when the unexpected happens. These exercises teach your horse to make good decisions and helps to keep his heart rate low no matter what is going on around him. It is fun, informative and will change the way you look at horse training. You will establish a trust that goes beyond words. You will have the bold, confident partner you always wanted!

The videos come as six files totaling approximately 5 hours, 25 minutes long, and approximately 1.43GB. MP4 format allows this video to be played on your computer, tablet, smartphone or iDevice.

Your license allows this video to be played and stored on up to 5 personal devices, including being written to DVD for personal backup and storage. Distribution and re-sale of this video is strictly prohibited.

Click the link for each video listed to download the file to your computer and begin viewing.

  • In many cases, the file will be saved to a default location on your computer (e.g. a “Downloads” folder or “Temporary Internet Files”). If it is placed in Temporary Internet Files, be sure to move the file to another folder for safe-keeping.
  • For many system configurations, you may alternatively right-click on the links below and choose “Save” to download the file to the folder of your choice.
  • If the video begins playing in your browser or video software without first prompting you to save it, choose File >> Save in the window in which it is playing.

Video Files:

  1. Click to download “Intro” (23 mins, 89MB)
  2. Click to download “Entrance Gate” (1hr, 209.7MB)
  3. Click to download “Starter Pistol Session” (44 mins, 173.6MB)
  4. Click to download “Tarp Sessions” (1hr 20mins, 377.2MB)
  5. Click to download “Toys of Terror” (53 mins, 193.9MB)
  6. Click to download “Under Saddle Session” (1hr 5mins, 382.3MB)

Thanks again for purchasing the On Target Training videos, “DeSpooking Your Horse: Building Boldness and Confidence,” and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties downloading or viewing the video.

– Shawna Karrasch
President and Co-Founder of On Target Training