Welcome to class, Clicker Training Class! Learn the fundamentals of positive reinforcement training (clicker training) in this unique hands-on podcast. A pioneer in this training, Shawna Karrasch takes you step by step through an explanation and exercises you can practice with your horse while listening to the podcast. Joining this class is easy, just click play. Part of the Horse Radio Network.

Listen below! Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Equine Positive Reinforcement Training

Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #2 Leading Our Way to Impulse Control by Jeffers Pet

We continue working on manners both on the ground and around food. However, we are going to take it a bit further and add movement. We will be reinforcing relaxation and downward transitions. Therefore we put a greater value on our horses choice to quiet their bodies AND minds. Overtime this skill (choice to settle) can carry over to all sorts of real world situations and become an invaluable tool.
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #1 A New Way of Communicating and Bridge Signals – by Jeffers Pet

An important element of horse training and equine behavior is communication. As we introduce positive reinforcement(R+) training techniques, we will first focus on teaching the bridge signal (for our purposes we will use a clicker). Through this process we will also practice manners around food and discuss relaxation. In addition I will talk about why R+ is a super effective and fun way to work with your horse.  Listen in...
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