Welcome to class, Clicker Training Class! Learn the fundamentals of positive reinforcement training (clicker training) in this unique hands-on podcast. A pioneer in this training, Shawna Karrasch takes you step by step through an explanation and exercises you can practice with your horse while listening to the podcast. Joining this class is easy, just click play. Part of the Horse Radio Network.

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Equine Clicker 101

Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #43 Introduction to Collection

In this episode we will discuss ways to prepare your horse for collection. Starting on the ground and discussing what we are looking for.
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #45 Introducing Positive Reinforcment to the “Made” Horse

Most horses that we come across have already been taught a vast majority of the things they know through traditional training. These horse’s are often referred to as crossover horses. We are shifting our focus to positive reinforcement, how do we move forward? I discuss how to move forward and recognizing when it would be best to retrain a behavior.

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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #42 Teaching a Horse to Move Off Pressure with Positive Reinforcement

Teaching pressure as a cue, with a strong positive reinforcement history instead of using escalating pressure. While this may seem like a matter of semantics, the resulting emotional state is quite different. I describe the difference and ways to create the behavior utilizing positive reinforcement.
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #41 What to Do When Your Horse is Clueless: Make a Plan

Sometimes, during training sessions, our horses get off track. I discuss ways to get back on track, to bring clarity to our sessions and to minimize frustration.
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #40 Hand Targets and Teaching Recall

Utilizing our hands as targets is easy to teach and obviously convenient. In addition, pairing it with their name becomes is an easy way to teach a recall.
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