Welcome to class, Clicker Training Class! Learn the fundamentals of positive reinforcement training (clicker training) in this unique hands-on podcast. A pioneer in this training, Shawna Karrasch takes you step by step through an explanation and exercises you can practice with your horse while listening to the podcast. Joining this class is easy, just click play. Part of the Horse Radio Network.

Listen below! Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #50 Is Your Horse Shut Down and How Do You Help Them

Sponsored by Via Nova Priority to Positive
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #49 Take Your Horse From Too Eager or Frustrated to Relaxed

In this lesson we discuss ways to help our horses to choose relaxation and settling over excitability. We want to teach them that standing quietly is the most reinforcing behavior…ever!
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #48 Helping the Food Aggressive Horse

Many people think they couldn’t go with Positive Reinforcement training because of the way their horses behave around food. In this episode I discuss ways to help horses learn to be mannerly about food. It is easier than you think!
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #47 Helping the Barn Sour or Buddy Sour Horse

In this lesson I will discuss separation anxiety. This can be a worrisome and even unsafe challenge for both horses and horse owners. I will discuss ways to help them with their worry while also creating a better association with being on their own or out in the world. Naturally, I will focus on using positive reinforcement to address this issue.
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Equine Clicker 101 Lesson #46 Make Your Horse’s 1st Horse Show Positive

When it comes to horse showing, what do you want? A horse who is calm and confident or a horse who is nervous and has a hard time focusing? Horse shows are full on new sights, sounds and smells. Setting your horse up for success at the horse show is more than preparing them for the arena. If done thoughtfully your horse can enjoy the whole environment and look forward to the whirlwind of activity that is all around. However, if not done with some awareness, we run the risk of overwhelming(flooding) them and creating a sensitivity to the show environment. I discuss some things to consider before your horse’s first show.
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