Positive Reinforcement Solutions for a Horse in Quarantine

In this Ask Shawna, I discuss some positive reinforcement solutions for Sarah’s horse who is becoming grumpy while in quarantine. While this is not the best living situation, we can take comfort in knowing it is temporary. I offer some ways to help manage this situation and help the mare to become more settled. Our horse’s living environment definitely has an effect on their quality of life. When horses go to quarantine, we are often creating an unsettling shift in their world. This is often true for a horse who becomes injured and their recovery involves stall rest. One day they are having fun and enjoying their social time and daily routines, the next, their world is devoid of their fulfilling stimuli and interactions. Environmental enrichment is also a great tool for providing healthy stimulation. Positive reinforcement (R+) is also an empowering and diverse form of enrichment. By utilizing some simple R+ training techniques and environmental enrichment tools, we can create more balance which can help to keep our horses engaged, sensible and even settled during times of recovery or isolation. I offer some ideas to help Sarah and her horse to grow their relationship through this period of quarantine. https://youtu.be/dihJIYT9FtY
Ask Shawna

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