Jane’s horse learns to be calm & confident about clipping

Years ago my friend Jane Savoie got a new horse from another successful, international Dressage rider. To say the horse wasn’t so good at clipping would be a understatement. She was told that she would never be able to clip the horse without first medicating her (the horse, not Jane!)Jane was familiar with what I was doing and began to put the training techniques into action with clipping her new horse.

In 3 days she was clipping the horse without medication or restraint. She went from being panicky when being clipped to being calm and trustful.  Her horse was actually choosing to stand quietly, relaxed and willing. She wasn’t opting for the less worrisome of two different forms of pressure….the lesser of two “evils”, so to speak. There was no coercion or pressure involved.

Of course, all horses are different and their training paths will differ depending on their experiences but with positive reinforcement training you can really change the way your horse looks at clipping.

Are you ready to have a horse who is calm and confident about clipping? Check out my podcast episodes and my product page.

BTW…Yesterday as I was sending out an announcement of my new clipping DVD offer, I accidentally sent a email that said “This is a test” That is all the email said. This went out to thousands of people! I felt really bad, I couldn’t imagine what was going through peoples heads as they read that cryptic email.But since these(you) people know me and my sense of humor, I received a lot of emails from people who got a kick out of it, they thought it was some sort of weird Shawna joke. That sure did cheer me up. So if you are one of those people, Thank you!!

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