Horse with a rigid neck…creating softness

Stephanie asks a question about stiffness in her horse’s neck. As always you want to rule out any physical causes by having your vet give your horse a good once over.   Also, it is prudent to re-check the fit of your saddle.  Okay once we have that sorted out it is time to see what we can do to encourage our horses to bend.  Relaxation is the key.  From what I hear, Stephanie’s horse seems to be beyond the usual rigidness. In any case  I share my initial thoughts on the video. Remember to never use force or coercion to create softness.  Using positive reinforcement we can teach our horse to bring it from the inside out.  Stephanie, please keep me posted. Let me know how these suggestions work out. If you have questions or want to try something different I have more ideas up my sleeve.

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