Feeling Thankful Newsletter

Keeping it positive, I am grateful for all of you, the horses, opportunities to connect and good health!

I still miss seeing everyone in workshops and clinics, and truly look forward to offering more Positive Reinforcement training in the coming months and years. Let me know how I can help you and your horses!

Henley (Checkmate x Balta’Czar) was born in May of 2019 at Edgewood Stable in Pennsylvania. She is a very bright, precocious eighteen-month-old filly who loves people. With loads of natural confidence, curiosity, and energy, Henley has been raised with Positive Reinforcement (R+). Naturally, this will allow her to become bold and brave as she continues to grow up. And I’m so happy to say, Henley is mine!

She made the 1,800 mile trip from Williamsport, PA to Sante Fe, NM in July of this year. Before her departure, Henley was taught the beginnings of liberty leading and showed amazing focus for a yearling. To keep her from getting too hot on the trip, she was also introduced to clippers and had her first full body clip. Henley actually LOVES being clipped, she ‘grooms’ the wall or person nearby because it feels so good!

Now in her fourth month with me, Henley has thoroughly explored the facilities at Terra Nova Training Center. From the indoor to outdoor, Henley is expanding her R+ Training with Liberty Leading, the Reverse Round Pen, the mounting block, tarp and walking on the teeter-totter. She has made fast friends with horses and humans, and loves to hang out with her track paddock mates Nico and Jett.

Jett demonstrated Liberty Leading while Henley and Nico demonstrated their Reverse Round Pen skills in the videos we developed for my recent presentations. See more on the Via Nova blog.

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