Developing Your Horse’s Impulse Control Using Positive Reinforcement

Liberty Leading is an exceptional tool to help with focus and impulse control. The bottom line is that horses need to slow down and focus to deliver a good right-hand turn. This creates the desired response and gives us the opportunity to reinforce our horses for their CHOICE to slow down, both mentally and physically. The physical only happens after they mentally choose to focus and concentrate. By utilizing positive reinforcement (R+) in this exercise we put something into the training equation that our horses value. This is the game changer…now there is something in it for them! Equipment can create physical restraint but the mind typically stays in an over-aroused state. Liberty Leading, and in particular, the right-hand turn, backed up with positive reinforcement, can help them learn that there is value in choosing to regulate their energy. Pretty soon they make this choice on a regular basis. It is very powerful when practiced often. As you progress, you will see that they will choose to settle when asked and this requires focus. This allows you to safely build energy and know that you’ve increased their likelihood of choosing to listen when you ask them to settle and relax. And remember: teaching behaviors is easy, it’s getting the attitude right that is the harder part. This tool helps you to take steps toward building the right attitude.
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