Already tired of the cold? Meet me in Costa Rica!!

Want to go on a vacation somewhere warm? What about one with horses? Well, me too.  These Southern California winters are brutal. Okay, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement, but it is all relative. Us Southern Californians get tired of our colder weather too.  Maybe it is all those years I spent in the cold water  and a wetsuit or maybe I am just a wimp…but I can’t wait for the warmer weather.  This year I am going to do something about it….I am going to go to Central America!

That’s right.  I am really excited to let you know that we just finalized the dates for my clinic in Costa Rica. Well, actually it is more than a clinic…I will be there all week. From May 1st – 7th. It will be so much fun!!  Discovery Horseback Tours, run by Andrea and Chris Wady, is a top notch operation.  There are some great reviews from people who have had the time of their life.   If you want to learn more here is a link to their website. Wait till you read about all of the things you can do.   I hope you will join me, Andrea and Chris in Costa Rica!

Clicker and Target Issues On Target Training

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