Can you Teach a Horse to Jump with Better Form?

You can use positive reinforcement to change a horse’s jumping style. People tend to leave it up to luck but we can help a horse to improve his technique. Positive reinforcement has proven to be a phenomenal tool for helping horses to overcome water and stopping issues. It can help a horse to become bolder, braver, more relaxed or more energetic depending on what we focus on. . With the positive reinforcement we can motivate them to WANT to jump and the use of a bridge signal allows us to draw attention specific body parts or actions.

Just Incredible!!

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This is an old video but definitely a good one. It is a quick video of Nick Skelton jumping a puissance wall (7’6″). I cannot imagine riding up to this jump with the intention of jumping. I hope you enjoy the clip.

Bugs Free Jumping a Line (at Liberty)

This is Bugs first line free jumping at liberty). It is taught through positive reinforcement. Bugs is a green horse who is just learning to jump-both with and without a rider. Jan who is working with me is new to the process as well.

On Target Training, Shawna Karrasch

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