Mind and Body

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For the horse, the mental and physical factors are interconnected. If his mind gets tense, so will his body. –Hans Senn–

Developing Feel

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Feeling is as important to the rider as hearing is to a musician. Only time spent in the saddle will develop feel. Feel cannot be taught, only further developed and polished. Feel may be the most important quality in riding well. Your ability to feel will improve when you are totally relaxed. –Hans Senn–

Controlling a horse…

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You may control a horse with gimmicks; those however, will not change him mentally. It is not a good idea to distance yourself from the horse by domination.
–Hans Senn–

Another quote from Han Senn

As soon as the horse feels the rider’s distraction, he will promptly join in.
–Hans Senn–

Author of those great Quotes: Han Senn Bio

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I was asked “Who is this Hans Senn?” I have been posting some of his quotes…because I love them!! So here is a story about the author:

“Riding and competing in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and Germany gave Hans a broad exposure of different styles, methods and philosophies.

Hans came to the USA in 1952 where he became active in show jumping, dressage, eventing and fox hunting. He also learned to ride show hunters and competed many years in the Midwest, Florida, Devon and the indoor circuit.

Eventually, Hans started to judge hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage and became a course designer.

In 1990, he was the coordinator of the Equestrian Events of the Olympic Festival.”

Sadly, Hans passed away a few months (or so) ago.

My Hunter/Jumper trainer and good friend Marcy Gehrke rode with Hans when she was young. She is responsible for getting me hooked on his little book of wisdom. So, I will continue to post his quotes as there are a ton of great ones in there!!

Progress in training – Hans Senn

Correct training makes a horse systematically better. Training should be progressive; however, it is better to progress one year too late than one day too early. More demands may produce more resistance. Sometimes it is wiser to reach a temporary compromise and look for a solution later than provoke a major problem. Give your horse the benefit of the doubt. Go slowly.
– Hans Senn

Fear vs. Punishment – Hans Senn

Your horse learns more from praise than from punishment. Teach your horse to respect and like you, not to fear and mistrust you. Make your horse comfortable and he will make you comfortable.
– Hans Senn

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