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Solutions for the Barn Sour/Buddy Sour Horse and Other Great Tips

If you haven’t already heard of Horse Radio Network, well it is high time you did! They have great tips and topics on all of the shows. I suggest you go to their website and have yourself a look around. Besides, I am a regular guest on the Horses in the Morning radio show and have regular tips on Horse Tip Daily. Here is a link for my latest tip and it will get you to the website. There is so much great information on their website you could be there for days!

Click on this link: Solutions for the Barn/Buddy Sour Horse and Other Tips

Horses in the Morning: Plodder vs. Bully

Listen in to the show and learn about how to encourage your horse to become an A student! I share about both Mint and Bugs’ personalities and progress of On Target Training and how we overcame distraction and disinterest and developed an motivating, successful and positive session every time. Click here for the link to the show!

Horse In The Morning: Responding Correctly to Pressure

What a great show! Listen to this week’s show where I address a hot topic in how to teach your horse to give into pressure through positive reinforcement. Click here for the link to the show!

Keeping Your Horse on the Ball

More “Horses in the Morning”!! I was a guest on the show on Wednesday and discussed some ways to keep your horse paying attention and interested in the training process. This is a fun show and good info to boot!! Click here for the link to the show!

Speaking Of Horses: Using On Target Training in Today’s Horse Training World

Listen in on my interview with Speaking of Horses host, Wayne Williams. We talk about the origin and the latest updates to On Target Training! Click here for the link to the show!

Horse In The Morning: De-spooking Your Horse!

Horses in the Morning

Great show! I talked with Glenn and Jamie about how to desensitize and de-spook your horse. Click here for the link to the show!

Horses In The Morning: Bugs’ First Show!

Horses in the Morning

Listen in to Friday’s show and hear all about how Bugs did at his first show! Click here for the link to the show.

Horse Tip Daily: Not Taking Our Horses for Granted

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Listen in and learn how to take advantage of the daily lessons we learn from our horses. We are always learning from each other and thats something that should always be reinforced. Click here for a link to the tip!

Horses In The Morning: Operant Conditioning Explained

Horses in the Morning

I love doing these tips with Horse Radio Network and with the link you can hear it anytime you want!

Listen and let me know your thoughts – click HERE for a link to the show!

Horse Tip Daily: Shop Vac Chat

Horse Tip Daily

What’s interesting about a Shop Vac?  Listen in on the Horse Radio Network and see –  click HERE for a link to the training tips!

Horses In The Morning: Reward vs. Bribe

Horses in the Morning

On this episode, I touch on the common confusion between reward vs. bride when using reward reinforcement. Listen in by clicking HERE for a link to the show!

Horse Tip Daily: Business Plans vs. Business Outlines

Horse Tip Daily

Here’s a tip on keeping an open mind on business plans for your horse business. click HERE for a link to the tip!

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb

The Horse Show with Rick LambI got to kick off the new year on Rick Lamb’s radio show! Listen to my radio segment with Rick discussing clicker training and On Target Training. Click HERE for the link to the 1/1/11 radio show!

Horses In The Morning: Beginning On Target Training

Horses in the Morning

Horses In The Morning is “the first live morning show with an equine theme. A light, lively, entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it. Hosted by Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings and produced by Jennifer H. The show will include entertaining conversation, out of the ordinary guests, numerous regular horse related segments, listener call in, contests, giveaways and so much more.” I am now a monthly guest on Horses In The Morning and will discuss various horse issues through the use of On Target Training!

On this episode, I discuss how to begin On-Target Training. Just click HERE for a link to the show!

Horse Tip Daily: Teaching Your Horse to Stand Still

Horse Tip Daily

Whether your horse is standing for the farrier, tacking up, or mounting, it is important for your horse to know how to hold still. Listen in and learn by  clicking HERE for a link to the training tip!

Horse Tip Daily: Setting Up For Success

Horse Tip Daily

In this tip,  I discuss setting you and your horse up for success through the use of positive reinforcement. To listen in, click HERE for a link to the training tip!

Horse Tip Daily: Baby Steps

Horse Tip Daily

In this tip, I address the importance of breaking down training into baby steps so your horse can understand what is being asked and at the same time your timing of cues improves. Listen in by clicking HERE for a link to the training tip!

Horse Tip Daily: Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Horse Tip Daily

I just wanted to share this link with everyone. It is Daily training tips for horsemen on a wide range of topics. A lot of good information there! Also the Horse Radio Network has several radio shows…all really interesting. They are going to be broadcasting from the WEG next month. Live broadcasts with interviews and a live audience!! I suggest tuning in!!   This tip addresses the basics of positive and and negative reinforcement. Just click HERE for a link to the training tips!

Stable Scoop on Horse Radio Network

Stable Scoop - Horse Radio Network

The Stable Scoop Radio Show discusses a “different topic each week, you’ll get the scoop on what’s new, who’s interesting, and everything in between.”

On this episode, I talked about the resurgence of Target Training (clicker training) and your horse.

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