General horse handling tips, building confidence and safety.

Wow, this is a big broad topic! I address some of Holly’s specific issues that have caused her concern in the past. These issues have led to a lack of confidence when she is handling horses. Safety is always first and foremost but I want to help her have some tools that will help her stay safe while building a more trusting relationship with her new horse. Remember, the help of the professional is also another option as you learn how to get a feel for a new horse, or any time you feel unsure.


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  1. Rhonda Stock says:

    Hi, Shawna! In this video, you mentioned that you have a protocol for dealing with multiple horses at the fence if they are all your horses so you can train them. Can you share that with me? I struggle with that as I usually have 4 or 5 horses at the gate all wanting me to pick them for training (it’s like a class of Grade 1 kids who all want to volunteer to answer the question – pick me! pick me!). I need to work with them on their gate manners! —Rhonda 🙂

  2. Rhonda, I will make a video answer for your question (I just have too much to say!). We did separations ALL day long at Sea World. We needed them to be solid with this behavior. I suggest using stationary targets…that is the core of the behavior. Teaching them to hold on their targets while things go on all around them. I also recommend teaching them individually first. When they are solid and have some duration, then I would work two together. Next I would move up to three, then four, etc. I will get the answer filmed in the next few days. 🙂

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