Clicker Trained Horse Remembers After 7 Years!

After almost seven years apart, Shawna and her horse Mint reunite. Watch how much Mint remembers his On Target Training on his first day back with Shawna.

*Video:on target – mint's arrival


4 Responses to “Clicker Trained Horse Remembers After 7 Years!”
  1. Eugenie Brunner says:

    I remember this day and how well Minty responded to you after not seeing you in so many years. Horses really do remember. I remember how happy he looked to be working with you again. All our love,


  2. Bill Seagraves says:

    Mint has retained a lot. I know he must be happy to be home. I Love to watch him work. He enjoys this. I laughted at his humor several times.
    Thanks Shawna!!

  3. Juanita Burt says:

    That is excellent Shawna how he still remembers the stuff you taught him so many years ago. I would love to know more about your method of training.



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