Clicker Trained Horse Remembers After 7 Years!

After almost seven years apart, Shawna and her horse Mint reunite. Watch how much Mint remembers his On Target Training on his first day back with Shawna.

*Video:on target – mint's arrival

Bridge the Horse Training Gap

In this clip, Shawna explains the reasoning behind using a ‘clicker’ or bridge signal and why it is an essential step to getting your horse On Target.

*Video:bridge the horse training gap – clicker basics

Building Blocks for Training Your Horse

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Whether you use On Target Training or another training method, take small steps to build your horse’s foundation for learning. The term used for this is Successive Approximation.

*Video:building blocks for training your horse

Ask Shawna

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Shawna is excited to share her knowledge with you via tele-seminars, as she explains in this video clip. Click on the Ask Shawna button above to participate and the seminar details will come to your email.

*Video:ask shawna tele-seminars

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